Computer Classes

Available for clients to utilize the internet to research jobs, complete applications, and other government forms. Workshops enhance clients’ skills with Microsoft Office and other programs to increase their typing skills and math knowledge.

Resume Help

Classes focus on how to read job descriptions and how to tailor each resume to meet the skills and qualifications of the desired job. Clients will also learn how to write cover letters to highlight their experience and skills.

Job Search

Education on the different job search websites, how to complete secure logins and applications.

One-on-one Personal Training

By appointment, one-on-one reading and writing workshops to increase language skills and boost morale to have confidence in reading and completing paperwork.

Literacy Reading Rooms


Training for Disabled Veterans


Disability Programs

Prepare and coach individuals with disabilities on lifestyle skills. It is our hope to add more volunteers who can read Braille and help those who are hearing impaired.

Financial Education Workshops

Workshops on how to prepare for the future, prepare for emergencies, understand the importance of credit, money matters, and fraud and identity theft.


In the next several years,

Geri’s Resource Center Team will work towards hosting an Expungement Fair. We plan to host a variety of speakers and workshops to assist individuals with getting their record expunged, so they can have a second chance and know steps to starting a new life and finding work.

We are also planning visual impairment events, such as Braille Bingo Night, where families are encourage to meet other families touched by the same disabilities and where information would be provided on how to overcome everyday life challenges.